fleeces and cowhides

from Argentina


using tradition materials

and production methods


a perfect mix of

traditional & contemporary

   JO WALKERfounder/director  Welcome to the Naturaleza
Rug Collection.
 Our rugs are individually crafted by hand from 100% natural cowhides and skins that are sourced from many regions across Argentina. All raw materials used in the production of our rugs are bi-products. We work with the best tanneries and take our time to source hides/skins of comparable thickness and hair colour. Because we work with natural products, and our  rugs are made up of multiple hides (depending on size and pattern), it is important for customers to understand that variations may occur in the finished product. Such variations are considered features that add to the uniqueness and authenticity of the finished rug. I hope you enjoy the website and our products.                SIZE TOLERANCEEach rug is made by hand. As such there may be small variations from the specified size ordered of up to 5%. This is not inherent in the manufacturing process and should not be considered a fault. COLOUR VARIATIONUnlike machine made and/or dyed goods, our rugs are crafted from natural cowhides / skins that do not have a uniform finish or colour. For example, hair may have cowlicks and the colour / tone may vary within the pattern of the rug. Natural fibres may fade over time and this may be accelerated where the product is exposed to strong light. Decisions relating to where the rug will reside, the level of footfall traffic and position in relation to bright sunlight should be considered carefully when selecting pattern and hide colours.            THE DESIGN PROCESSEach rug is custom made to order to meet the requirements of individual clients. Our design process ensures we identify the right design, colour and size of rug for you and/or your client(s). Working with sample hide swatches/mini rugs and geometric design templates we consult with you to ensure we identify the right design, colour and size of rug. It is essential we specify fully the overall dimensions and pattern of the chosen design. The geometry of some patterns and chosen border width will affect the overall size of the rug so as part of the consultation process we will submit a design specification and (where required) a visual of the finished rug to aid the decision making process. Approval of the specification is required before a formal quotation for the custom production of the rug can be issued. BESPOKE DESIGNBecause we handcraft each rug we can customise pattern, finish and colour. Within this brochure we have included a selection of designs to illustrate some of the beautiful rugs available, but there is no limit to what we can do for you. We can help you create the perfect rug for you or your customer.









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